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Meeting The Doctor

After registration, you will be shown into one of our state-of-the art treatment room where you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss your concerns with Dr. Wong. She would then initiate her clinical examination which may include sensitivity tests for cold and pain. If no existing x-ray is available or if previous x-ray cannot satisfy the needs of endodontic examination, a new x-ray will be taken for you.

Our x-ray system is entirely digital and you can see the image of your tooth instantly on the monitor mounted to your dental chair. Digital x-ray also has lower level of radioactivity.

From findings of history, clinical examination, and radiograph(s), Dr.Wong shall explain nature of condition, treatment options, and prognosis with you. Implication of treatment options as it relates to fees will also be discussed.

You, as the client with input from Dr. Wong, have the final decision on what treatment option to (or not to) pursue. This decision doesn't have to be made immediately as you may choose to return at another date. Alternatively, if you elect to have root canal therapy at the soonest possible, the procedure can be completed either on the day of your consult or at a later date depending on nature of initial appointment (consult vs. treatment), availability, and personal preference.