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The Procedure

Whether you are having root canal therapy or surgery, you shall receive local anesthetics by injection (usually 2% Lidocaine) to affected areas first for pain control. Depending on the person, there is a wait of 10 to 20 minutes for freezing to take effect. After which, endodontic procedure may begin.

(See section on What is Root Canal?)

Length of procedure varies depending on tooth (incisor vs. molar), number of canals, or type (therapy vs. surgery) but usually can be completed within one hour. Exceptions include more complicated cases where additional appointment(s) are required.

After The Procedure

Dr. Wong shall discuss progress of the root canal therapy or surgery with you. Education includes post-op care and medication where applicable.

A copy of your report completed with digital radiographs as written by Dr. Wong will be sent to your referring dentist for documentation and inter-team communication.


Our office manager shall assist you with follow-up appointments and payment.

We honour payment in the form of cash, Visa Card, Master Card, AMEX, or Debit Card.

If insurance is applicable, our office manager can submit your claim electronically on your behalf so that you can receive funding from insurance in a prompt manner.

As a specialist's office, we do not accept assignment of benefits from insurance or personal cheques.